Kitchen Décor Shopping Tips

kitchen decor

A kitchen is a focal point in any home. It is where memories are made. Eying a child’s first drawing, opening a perfect report card, or making an engagement statement often happen in the bustling home kitchen. It’s not surprising that a viable, gratifying kitchen is one of a house’s top-selling attractions and a pleasure for all who visit it which is why there are is a wave of home extension builders and design aimed at revolutionising the kitchen area.

To accommodate the flow of family members and friends, a fantastic design is indispensable. As I am sure most layout junkies do, I follow designers on Instagram. I need to tell the truth, it is sometimes a love-hate relationship, for example, when I’m drooling over an insanely gorgeous toilet, and then I snap back into the reality of this mauve faux-tile that lives in my real bathroom. I have really begun to appreciate the styling aspect of a home however with all the fancy kitchen appliances you need to maintain appliance repair service for optimal functioning. One of those is my kitchen. I spend more time than I want to acknowledge scrolling through kitchen vignettes, and I’ve found some tricks of the trade. So, today I’m sharing my top kitchen styling suggestions.

Show Off Your Charcuterie + Cheese Boards

Cutting and serving boards are totally trendy at the moment, and you may find beautiful marble and wood varieties at just about any store offering kitchenware. Odds are, you already have two or one. So, rather than leaving them in the cupboard, place them on display. Twist them to add architectural interest to a counter, or hang them to break up a monochromatic backsplash.

Let Those Leaves Trail

Houseplants with monitoring leaves seem fantastic, situated on open kitchen shelves. If you’re in the market for a brand new plant, then consider a philodendron variety, as they are typically easy to grow. Set your leafy beauty on top of your highest shelf, and prepare for a few killer #shelfies.

Hang Flatware + Cutlery on the Wall

Dress up a vacant backsplash with silverware or cutlery. A magnetic knife rack is going to do just fine for knives, while attaching hooks or even a washi tape and string combo to display your favourite flatware.

Mix Matte Black with Earth Tones

I’m loving the resurgence of earthy materials such as terra cotta, particularly when paired with moody, matte blacks. The combo seems dynamite in a kitchen, and it’s easy to recreate with just some of the proper accessories.

If you have got it (a Wooden Spoon Collection), Flaunt It

This one’s super-simple. Have you got plenty of wooden spoons crowding your utensil drawer? Toss them in a contemporary utensil holder onto your countertop, and you’ve got height and natural colour, all in a matter of 5 minutes.

Feed off Your Fruit

Not literally, since then there will be no left for styling. In all seriousness, fruit is the best way to add a pop of colour for your space. It also can help to inspire further colour. Use your fruit bowl to direct your attachment selection.

Add Colourful Accessories to an All-White Setting

All-white sinks are everywhere, and do not get me wrong they’re beautiful. But a bold splash of colour can go a long way if you’re styling a bright, white area. It’s as simple as looking through your cupboards and pulling out your preferred colourful vase or dish. By adding colour you are creating a space reflecting your personality.

Attempt a Hanging Plant

In my quest to be a #plantlady, I’ve spent hours considering hanging planters (and eventually determined to DIY one). The instantaneous life a hanging plant brings to a distance is unmistakable. If you can’t really figure out exactly what your own kitchen is missing, it is probably a hanging plant.

You don’t need to move house to have the kitchen you have always dreamed about. There are many options such as renovating or undertaking a home extension to achieve the look you have always wanted. Below you will find four main basic kitchen designs:

  • The galley shape with 2 walls of appliances squaring off reverse each other
  • The L-shape that locates the three major elements (sink, stove, and refrigerator) along two perpendicular walls forming a natural triangle
  • The U-shape that puts the components on three walls
  • The G-shape, (essentially seen as the U-shape with a fourth wall) is useful in providing space for more counter space, cabinetry, and appliances.

For efficiency, consider the classic work triangle formula according to the way it coincides with the settings you choose. Two work areas, one for cooking with an oven, another for serving and draining, each with a sink, is also a popular strategy. Consider also if you need to undertake oven repair or dishwasher repair for example, and how you would access these appliances. Remembering to be practical in your design approach as well.

Integrate Wood in Kitchen Cabinets

Rely on wood’s natural feel, appearance, and feel to make your room seem clean and bright. Kitchen decoration that welcomes guests and provides a sense of cosiness to the family is a vital component to any home where timber will provide the warmth that is saught after.

Clean and Neat

Creating ample storage, nevertheless giving your kitchen a spacious feel and look, could be challenging.

Stainless Steel Suggestions

Stainless steel is a very popular choice for appliances, however, you can find other techniques to incorporate it in the look of your kitchen.