Is it better to hire or invest in cranes

There is nothing like seeing impressive cranes at work on a construction site. Cranes are essential for transporting materials to the next level of the structure or different locations within the job site. Cranes are costly whether hiring or buying but sometimes jobs cannot be completed without one.

The types of cranes

Mobile cranes

A mobile crane is a self-propelled piece of machinery that can move things around on your construction site. It comes with a boom attached directly to the crane carriage, which can be deployed fast, making it one of the most significant advantages to using a crane.

You can hire mobile cranes of any size, from the smallest that will fit into a small truck to the biggest ones that make the rest look like kids’ toys. Mobile cranes can handle the heaviest of loads.

Tower cranes

Tower cranes are stationary. Where the cranes are assembled is where they will stay. Tower cranes have a vertical mast with a horizontal load jib sitting at the top. These cranes are used to erect a high-rise project. Tower cranes can be useful in all construction environments; they can be used in civil infrastructure and many rural building projects. Tower cranes are used for low-rise residential and commercial structures.

Should you rent or buy?

Deciding whether to buy or hire a crane will depend on your company’s state. If you are expanding the company, you may have plenty of projects with the capital to buy a crane. If you don’t have the capital, or you aren’t sure how many workloads you are going to be doing over the long term, then it may be better for you to rent.

If you only need a crane for under ten years, then renting will save you money over a short period. If you have plenty of large projects and have signed a few contracts, you should think about whether buying a used or new crane is a better investment.

If you are thinking about buying, then here are a few tips:

  • Commit to proper service and maintenance; this can help to resell down the track
  • Only buy from reputable dealers
  • If you are buying second-hand, look for something that is around five to ten years old

A well-maintained crane can last you over 25 years. There are still cranes operating that are 40 years old. Crane hiring companies will often provide you with tower cranes. If you do not have many jobs that you need a crane for, you should hire instead. If you require a specialty crane, you are best to rent as these types of cranes are rarely used and more expensive to buy than the tower and mobile cranes. The cost of service and maintenance is often combined with the rental price; this will depend on the individual company. You may need to pay extra fees for the erection and takedown. You can lease cranes from just one day to several months. If you need several cranes, you can hire as many as you need, all from one company. It pays to get a few quotes to ensure you are getting the best price available to you.

Crane hire companies are an excellent option as they guarantee that an experienced crane operator with highly skilled capabilities and knowledge will oversee a project. This is a great option as you can hire a range of different cranes with ease and you do not have to worry about problems such as maintenance of the crane or costs if the crane unexpectedly malfunctions of breaks.